Social Enterprises

Many people on the autism spectrum are naturally creative, innovative, and independent—born entrepreneurs; especially once anxiety and communications barriers are understood. Spectrum Fusion’s Social Enterprises program provides our members with opportunities to earn income while developing their entrepreneurial skills in a comfortable, supportive environment.

Participants practice their marketing skills on each Social Enterprises project by first developing and producing a business proposal and presenting/pitching it to Spectrum Fusion leadership as they would to a prospective first-time client. Terms of deal and timeline are subsequently negotiated. After the project is completed, participants are paid as professionals.

Between paid projects, Social Enterprises members also have opportunities to earn “energy currency” by using their talents to help each other and the Spectrum Fusion community.

We believe that everyone, every day, should be free to use their talents for the greater good. Check out the following enterprises and choose one that is in line with your career aspirations. Feel free also to share additional ideas!

Spectrum Fusion Media Team

Those with degrees in videography, media production, communications, or the arts often see their talents go to waste, due to difficulty finding opportunities in those fields. Spectrum Fusion is filling this gap in several ways. First, we provide paid projects for videographers to complete to build their portfolios. Second, our media team is available to be hired by other companies and organizations. Third, we are connecting these individuals to companies for job opportunities once their portfolio is attractive to an employer.

Our media team currently consists of Philip Thomas and Rhys Griffin.

Manuel Dominguez in our mentor who is helping our young adults increase their technical and artistic skills.

Spec-Press Eye and Body Compresses

Spec-Press is a specially designed warming compress supplied to optometrists and other doctors treating postoperative patients. Heated and applied to eyes, or other parts of the face or body, after surgical treatment, the Spec-Press helps patients heal faster and more effectively. They sell for $5 each or two for $9.

Each Spec-Press is handmade as a group project by Spectrum Fusion members. Assembling a compress is simple—knitting a sock and filling it with rice—but besides the fulfillment of serving a health cause, participants have opportunities to exercise their imaginations by suggesting improvements and new product ideas.