Spectrum Fusion is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is dedicated to improving the quality of lives of adults on the autism spectrum by unleashing their full potential and providing new connections and opportunities for them to bring their talents and gifts to society.

Our mission at Spectrum Fusion is to make the world a better place for adults on the autism spectrum by unleashing their full potential. This is achieved through fostering a sense of belonging, creating an authentic community, collaborating across organizations and industries, and empowering adults to find their purpose.

Heidi Stieglitz Ham began her career as a speech and language therapist and worked as a Clinical Supervisor at the University of Houston Communication Disorders Clinic. In 2010, Dr. Ham earned her Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. Her research focused on the underlying cognitive mechanisms implicated in gestural processing and imitation that are key in developing skills in social communication. Dr. Ham has worked with individuals on the spectrum and their families in Nigeria, Australia, UK, and America, and she has learned that families across the globe are facing the same challenges.

Currently, our nation is facing a significant challenge as children on the spectrum are reaching adulthood in record numbers only to met with few, if any, opportunities for meaningful engagement. It is well-documented that as many as 85 percent of autistic adults are unemployed, and the rest are underemployed.

What is Fusion?

We are a vibrant group of people coming together through the power of community and collaboration and making a significant impact on society.

‘Fusion’ is the fusing of two or more lighter atoms into a larger one, and fusion is what sustains the energy of the stars, including the sun. This concept of ‘fusion’ is applicable to our mission in making the world a better place for adults on the spectrum. In order to make this happen, we have to invest an incredible amount of energy to create the chain reaction required for fusion. This can only happen if we come together to build the momentum required to make an impact.

“Get My Wings”

Chris Martin from Spectrum Fusion Australia wrote this song, “Get My Wings” and he found another Australian to sing the song in America. It is a powerful song that comes from the heart. “If we all join hands, who knows what we can do?”