Client Testimonials

These are some testimonials from our clients; hear what they have to say for yourself!

Media Team: I'm honored and excited to partner with you. I'm excited about the difference you are making in the hearts and minds of those you impact, and I'm excited about the results for Symbol-it. Please send on materials you'd like me to share at ASHA. Payment enclosed. Deann
A hand-written letter from Deann O’Lenick of SymbolSpeak

The team at Spectrum Fusion was such a pleasure to work with. In seeking a video crew to make a short commercial for Zent Flex, I found that many needed too much direction, were too expensive, and didn’t bring original thought to the table. The Spectrum Fusion team brought ideas to the table, and once the “go ahead” was given, they ran with it. The set, actors, script, and editing were all handled professionally.

Lee Haverman