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The talented team at Spectrum Fusion Studios shoots, edits and writes multi-media content for clients every week – and they’re all young adults living with autism. You can read more about how we’re empowering adults on the autism spectrum.

Spectrum Fusion is a 501(c)(3) organization that employs talented creatives on the autism spectrum as part of Spectrum Fusion Studios. In our studio, we produce commercials and promotional videos, which includes writing scripts and recording voiceovers. A few of our corporate clients include Johnson & Johnson, SourceAbled, and Rangam. Our videos for Rangam were created for jobseekers including Pfizer, CocaCola, and Nike.

Many individuals on the autism spectrum are creative, innovative, and incredibly talented, but they are underrepresented in the media industry. However, that is all going to change, as we have launched Spectrum Fusion Studios as a means of improving representation of those individuals in our community. Our employees have earned degrees in videography, media production, communications, and visual arts. So, we did what we do best – think differently – and we brought their talents together forming a team of amazing individuals. Our team includes scriptwriters, videographers, editors, graphic designers, and voiceover artists.

Everyone deserves to have an opportunity to be seen and heard in their own terms, and our mission at Spectrum Fusion Studios is to help them find new approaches of achieving that goal. Such approaches include offering job opportunities and a platform to those who may have felt excluded from the media industry.

Spectrum Fusion Studios is now providing media services to businesses and organizations across the United States. We are proud to announce that Johnson & Johnson is one of our first major clients. We have many other clients as well, including Symbol-It, Autism Speaks, and Kaiser Permanente.

We are currently seeking sponsorships for positions in the media team. It is essential to support neurodiversity so that we can change the media industry’s viewpoint towards autism. We are also offering a variety of sponsorship levels from World Premier to Indie Classic. For more details, click here to view and print the sponsorship form.

We would like to thank all of our Donors who have generously supported our work!

We believe that the talents and skills of adults on the autism spectrum are a benefit and an asset to society and it is our responsibility to provide creative solutions to bring their talents to the world. And at Spectrum Fusion Media, we are dedicated to bringing your ideas and stories to life!

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