Announcing the 2022 Reactor Room®

After a hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Reactor Room is back! Please visit the 2022 Reactor Room page for more info.

2022 April Reactor Room Banner
2022 April Reactor Room

Improving the Lives of Adults on the Spectrum

At Spectrum Fusion, we are changing lives and improving the possibilities for individuals on the autism spectrum. Partnering with universities, organizations, parents, employers, innovators, entrepreneurs and business experts, we are changing outcomes of adults on the spectrum. Together, we are generating novel and innovative opportunities, which will allow these individuals to use their skills, interests and strengths so that they may reach their full potential.

The Key Pillars of Spectrum Fusion include:

  • The Spectrum Fusion community
  • The Reactor Room Program®
  • Neurodiversity in the workplace
  • Spectrum Fusion research lab

The Spectrum Fusion Community

Fostering a sense of belonging

The Spectrum Fusion community is grounded in the social science of belonging and human connection, and we have seen lives transformed once individuals develop a true sense of belonging and connectedness. At Spectrum Fusion we have a psychologically safe community that is a safe haven where our participants feel accepted. We are committed to fostering a sense of belonging, creating an authentic community, and empowering our participants to find their purpose through The Reactor Room Program.

The Reactor Room Program®

A new kind of think tank

After our participants feel that they are ready to develop their talents, we empower them to find their purpose through the Reactor Room Program.

For many adults on the autism spectrum, the journey through adolescence to adulthood is challenging. After graduating from high school, many of these young adults continue to live at home, and planning for the future may be daunting and overwhelming.

Although adults on the autism spectrum may have hopes for the future, just like all of us, they may not have the strategies, coping mechanisms, necessary skills, supports, or finances required to make any progress towards their goals. Months soon turn to years, and these grown adults continue to live with their parents, ‘stuck’ in their current situations. 

Meet Our Community

Neurodiversity in the Workplace

The outcomes for employment for neurodivergent adults are bleak, especially for adults on the autism spectrum. Published studies in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Canada all report high rates of unemployment of adults on the autism spectrum compared to other disabilities. Estimates continue to suggest that the unemployment rate is as high as 85% in this population.

Impact of Building a Neurodiverse Workforce

The estimated yearly costs of individuals on the autism spectrum in the US is estimated to be $236 billion dollars, and the financial burden to families and society is a pressing social challenge. This does not have to be the case. It is time that we move away from the medical model of disability and disorder and embrace the cognitive differences that some adults on the spectrum refer to as their “superpower.”

Spectrum Fusion Research

Improving Outcomes and Opportunities

Spectrum Fusion is research- and outcomes-based. We are working together with Rice University School of Social Sciences to measure the success of our community and the Reactor Room Program on the outcomes of adults on the autism spectrum.

Creative and Collaborative Programs

Creatives and Collaborative Programs….

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We are making the world a better place for adults on the autism spectrum.

Spectrum Fusion is a nonprofit organization that is making the world a better place for adults on the autism spectrum. We are the only program of its kind and our approach is working.

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