Creative and Collaborative Programs

Creative Talent

At Spectrum Fusion we have several programs that allow our adults on the spectrum to express themselves creatively. Many autistic adults have creative minds and possess talents that lend themselves the arts. We have artists, writers, videographers, and jewelry designers in our community. At Spectrum Fusion we bring these great minds together!

Writing Fusion

Calling all scriptwriters, storytellers, creative writers, and poets. Do you enjoy writing but don’t have anyone who shares your passion? Come to Writing Fusion where we share our knowledge and creativity with each other. Have you ever wondered why you were the only person who could identify the holes in the plot and the flaws in the lore? Well, this group is for you! We meet every Tuesday night from 6:00 to 8:00 pm.

Music Fusion

Music is food for the soul! In our Music Fusion group, we appreciate many different styles of musical expression. From classical to rhythm and blues, and body percussion, we come together to share our love of music. However, you do not have to play a musical instrument to attend. We meet every Thursday evening from 7:00 to 9:00 pm.

Collaborative Programs

#Adulting. How often have we seen this hashtag on social media? Adulting isn’t easy for anyone. At Spectrum Fusion, we are #adulting while learning how to eat and cook simple healthy meals and learning to look after ourselves through fitness. We are now partnering with the University of Texas Medical Branch and TWU to bring occupational therapy students into our community to bring their skills to our group and to teach them how OT can be translated out of the clinical setting and into the community. Definitely, a wonderful experience for all involved.

Healthy Fusion

Every Wednesday afternoon we come together as a community to prepare and share a meal from scratch. A chef is chosen for the week. The responsibilities of the chef include choosing the recipes for the meal, teaching the group about the ingredients and providing nutritional information related to health and cognition/mental health.

After we cook, prepare, and share the meal, the chef gathers input from the rest of the group and writes their reflections of the day. What went well, what didn’t go so well, and what they will do differently in the future.

Power Fusion

We have 3 adults in Spectrum Fusion that are passionate about fitness and health. Every Wednesday afternoon, they prepare a workout for the rest of the community. These young adults design the workout and lead the rest of the group as they learn techniques that will develop their strength and endurance.