Creative and Community Fusion Programs

Creative Talent

At Spectrum Fusion we have several programs that allow our adults on the spectrum to express themselves creatively. Many autistic adults have creative minds and possess talents that lend themselves the arts. We have artists, writers, videographers, and jewelry designers in our community. At Spectrum Fusion we bring these great minds together!

Writing Fusion

Calling all scriptwriters, storytellers, creative writers, and poets. Do you enjoy writing but don’t have anyone who shares your passion? Come to Writing Fusion where we share our knowledge and creativity with each other. Have you ever wondered why you were the only person who could identify the holes in the plot and the flaws in the lore? Well, this group is for you! We meet every Friday night from 4:00 to 5:30 pm.

Music Fusion

Currently Inactive. Music is food for the soul! In our Music Fusion group, we appreciate many different styles of musical expression. From classical to rhythm and blues, and body percussion, we come together to share our love of music. However, you do not have to play a musical instrument to attend. The Music Fusion group is currently on pause but it will be coming back soon!

Art Fusion

Have you ever wanted to learn to draw, but lacked the time or motivation? Art Fusion is a chill group where we meet & learn a certain technique each week but also talk, hang out, and have fun! We meet every Thursday night from 5:30 to 7:00 pm.

Collaborative Programs

#Adulting. How often have we seen this hashtag on social media? Adulting isn’t easy for anyone. At Spectrum Fusion, we are #adulting while learning how to eat and cook simple healthy meals. We are now partnering with TWU to bring occupational therapy students into our community to bring their skills to our group and to teach them how OT can be translated out of the clinical setting and into the community. Definitely, a wonderful experience for all involved.

Healthy Fusion

Every Thursday afternoon at 5:30 pm we come together as a community to prepare and share a meal from scratch. A professional chef plans the meal & leads the group. The participants can help chop vegetables, stir pots, and set the table. However, people are also encouraged to hangout & talk amongst themselves.

Rap Sessions

Every week the group discuss a chapter of a book that helps advance self-improvement of their lives. The group also discusses past events in their lives that help reflect these lessons. The group often touches on Christian themes but is overall non-denominational and open to people of all faiths (or lack thereof). We meet every Wednesday from 3:30 to 4:30 pm.