Rebuilding the lives of autistic adults – together

Adults on the autism spectrum face adversity every day of their lives. Sometimes that means picking up the pieces of shattered dreams and starting again. Spectrum Fusion is dedicated to rebuilding the lives of autistic adults and we are looking for people who will help us in our mission.

“A few years ago, I had no direction in life and was going nowhere fast. Spectrum Fusion helped put me on the path to making something out of myself.”  William Purdy

We are empowering autistic adults to rebuild their lives by providing real-world value through our Spectrum Fusion Studios to paying clients. Not only does this provide an income source for our six employees, but it also provides opportunities for internships and mentoring for other creative autistic adults. In addition, through our Reactor Room program, which is a “shark tank” for adults on the spectrum, we provide connections to autistic adults who have ideas, passions, or a talent that they wish to pursue but otherwise would have no one to help them realize it. Finally, Spectrum Fusion offers a community where we foster a sense of belonging and hope for each community member to beat the odds that are so statistically stacked against them when it comes to employment and transitioning to a life of independence.

“Even though I have a degree from the Art Institute of Houston, I was unable to even find an internship. Spectrum Fusion has turned my life around. And now, I’m hired.”  Philip Thomas

We value the lives of every human being

The predominant stereotype of an autistic adult is one who excels in math, science, and computer programming. However, we need to consider the rest of the spectrum, including the artists, scriptwriters, actors, videographers, editors, illustrators, graphic designers, musicians, authors, poets, and inventors. The creative talents of autistic adults are often minimized, overlooked, and dismissed. However, creativity is a powerful trait that is sought after around the world. The skills and talents of autistic adults are an asset and benefit to society, and it is our responsibility not to squander these abilities. It is time for every human being to be valued for who they are, and it is our responsibility to provide opportunities for autistic adults so that they can reach their full potential. No brain is the same. This is the core idea of neurodiversity, where we value the thinking styles of every human being.

“If it wasn’t for Spectrum Fusion, I would probably still be struggling to find a decent paying job, and I wouldn’t learn about responsibility as easily as I have with them.”  Darren Logue