Children’s Arts & Literacy Program

We have released 2 children’s books — Tucker and the Christmas Train, and The Hungry Lady and the Bear — both authored and illustrated by two autistic adult members of the Spectrum Fusion Studios team, igniting our Children’s Arts and Literacy Program (CALP). We’ve hosted multiple book reading and signing events, most recently at the Woodland’s Children’s Museum, earning rave reviews from the children, families, and the museum staff, while providing meaningful experiences for our creators.

On a daily basis within our own space, we are creating an authentic community with our Spectrum Fusion community programming.  Led by experts in various fields, we rotate between nutrition, cooking, fitness, non-denominational spiritual leadership, financial literacy and even gardening.

We are touching almost 100 adults monthly on the spectrum. However, with a new 2022 action plan, we aim to double that amount. Your support will enable Spectrum Fusion to produce more content — including books and films — and free events for our CALP to help us reach our goals to provide:

  1. A community platform for creative autistic adults to share their talents with children, both on and off the autism spectrum; 
  2. Literacy activities for children to foster creativity and language skills for storytelling, reading, and developing a love of books; and
  3. Families of young children the opportunity to meet with adults on the spectrum and their families. Parents of young children often share that they feel hopeful for their children’s future after visiting with us.