Since the Spectrum Fusion Reactor Room event, things have been moving forward at a rapid pace for our Ignitors. Both of our participants have had multiple meetings in the past two weeks with the connections they made during the event, and both of them look to be gearing up for some major opportunities.

For Mitchell Floyd in particular, the world of criminal justice opened up in a huge way just the other day. On April 22nd, Mitchell was invited by Constable Alan Rosen to join him at the 1st Precinct Police Station which serves Harris County Precinct 1; the second largest precinct in all of Texas, eclipsed only by Precinct 4. While there at the station, Constable Rosen outlined what jobs he thought would be the best fit for Mitchell, what the programs’ missions were, and where he should begin investigating should he wish to try and start in them.

During the visit to the precinct, Mitchell was shown, among other things, how to identify and confiscate contraband. He was taken to an evidence locker, which smelled strongly of marijuana, and led through the various sorts of things that police officers tend to confiscate from suspects, how to identify it on sight, and how to properly handle and dispose of it.

Mitchell was also introduced to a notable trial attorney and jury scientist. Jury selection was one of the areas that Floyd expressed interest in during the Reactor Room event and Constable Rosen was more than happy to introduce him to people who could help him join that profession. While meeting with the attorney, he led him through the process of jury selection and why it is so important, emphasizing how different cases that are brought to trial have different needs from a jury. The process of voir dire, interviews, analysis, and selection were laid out for Floyd, who came away from the meeting with a greater understanding of the jury selection process.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the visit, though, was when Constable Rosen introduced Mitchell to the opportunity to become an instructor for police officers. In particular, Mitchell is interested in instructing police officers in how to properly deal with citizens and suspects with Autism. People with autism can sometimes act so differently from neurotypical people, that police officers often believe them to be suspicious, liars, or even on drugs. Mitchell expressed interest in working with officers to help them understand autism better, so that they can better interact with them in the field. Constable Rosen is now working with Floyd by putting him through a special course to grant him an instructor’s certification. With this certification, Mitchell will be able to help not just the police officers, but any people with autism they may encounter.

Things are definitely looking up for Mitchell, and Constable Rosen was extremely enthusiastic to see somebody so passionate for justice moving towards his goals. It’s amazing to think that it’s only been two weeks since the Reactor Room Event and already Mitchell has made such huge strides towards his dreams of joining the justice department. We are so thrilled to see Mitchell make these steps and are eager to be there with him as he makes his next big leap on his journey

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