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Brennan Guidry

Brennan Guidry was born on January 14, 1998 and was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome in elementary school. Over the course of his childhood, he could not grasp the understanding about his condition. Resulting in a constant struggle to overcome the challenges that Tourette Syndrome would throw his way, Brennan was mentally drained every day. Suppressing his tics was not recommended, but Brennan did not want to show this side of him to his peers. A lot of the times, people would not know he had Tourette’s unless they were explicitly stated. Brennan became depressed, almost giving up.

When Brennan got into high school, something changed: he was tired….. tired of this flawed way of thinking. Looking back, Brennan developed a moral compass, “Do not be an inconvenience. One who is afraid to seek help will only bring inconvenience. Try not to be a liability, but if you feel lost, don’t hesitate to ask for help. Not doing anything only increases the problem. Do something, anything will do, just find that drive to keep going. Learn anything you can to help others, understand other situations, and help them climb out of the void of sadness.”

Brennan tried anything that intrigued him, even for a short time. He enjoys taking care of aquariums, building models, playing games, and watching movies. All throughout his childhood, he and his siblings would make short home movies. Brennan would later continue making movies, and his drive to make entertaining content never went away.

He is currently a student at Houston Community College working on his Associates Degree in filmmaking. He has 7 years of editing experience and is inspired by sci-fi/fantasy media. Brennan has experience as a production assistant for a feature film, and interned at Channel 57. He really likes visual effects and will try to include them in every project if possible. At Spectrum Fusion, he makes motion graphics, edits projects, and has acted in a few works.

Always moving forward, Brennan is excited to work on future projects and provide excellence with his work. “If you are faced with a problem, try to fix it. Doing nothing is simply not a viable solution.”

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