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Julie Truong

Julie Truong attended the University of Houston and during her studies she had her very first opportunity to intern as architectural designer for a professor who is also an architect. She thrived and accomplished as she took on each project with great dedication, focus and creativity. Julie graduated with a B.A. in Architecture and a minor in Art from the University of Houston in 2012.

Not long after graduating, Julie got to work for Bailey’s Architect, which later merged and became Shepley Bulfinch – Houston. This opportunity allowed her to work and contribute a great deal of her skills on historical preservation, commercial, civic, higher education, residential and healthcare projects. Three years later the firm let her go due to downsizing. She had to seek out other opportunities that will keep her on her feet or risk living on the streets. Julie then got a call and started working for another firm, PDR Corp. There she got to collaborate, focus on design with teammates, put her creative art skills to good use, and use her attention to detail to bring quality to the project’s overall outcome. She also got the opportunity to design with empathy and see that design is not just for looks, but it’s about the people. Julie lost her job after three year again due to downsizing, but she doesn’t believe her story ends there as she is positive she will get to have the opportunity to spread that passion purpose to everywhere possible.

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Create Better Spaces: Autistic-Friendly Designs

Create Better Spaces: Autistic-Friendly Designs

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Future of Workplace – Illustration

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