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Born in 1993, Noah J Mishael was diagnosed with autism at a very young age but was oblivious to it until he started attending private schools at age 12. Learning this meant very little to him as he did not define himself by his learning differences; rather he chose to define himself by his compassion and creativity. With his kindness being second nature and discovering an affinity for art and writing (fostered by both his family and loved ones) Noah J Mishael continued to move himself forward through life despite the uncertainties his future held. These uncertainties also meant little to him as his sense of faith, distilled through his Jewish heritage, and optimistic outlook provided him with a belief that “as long as he is able to enjoy what he does and stay close to the people that matter then he has faith that life will work out for the better.”

This personal belief stayed with Noah as he transitioned into college and eventually obtaining his bachelors degree in communications with a minor in global studies from Schreiner University. Now currently employed by “Where the Winds Blow/Malcolm’s Miracle,” Noah J Mishael now seeks to make a professional career out of his creative and writing talents. With support from Spectrum Fusion, he has begun cultivating his own sculpting brand called “Pipe-cleaner Party,” and aims too share his talent through interpersonal relationships. This goal is driven simply by the enjoyment he receives from sharing his gift with others and creating something meaningful with his own hands.

Through the culmination of his life experiences, optimistic nature and positive influences from those around him, Noah J Mishael has grown into a young man in his own right; knowing full well who he is, what he is and what he seeks to be, all the while living within the day and not letting valuable opportunities pass him by.

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