On March 1, 2023, the Spectrum Fusion Media Team was invited to City Hall to tour the Houston Television (HTV) studios. Ted Irving, the director of HTV, guided the media team throughout the studio and even offered connection opportunities.

Ted Irving has worked as a video editor for ABC and NBC, a sports photographer for KRIV (Fox 26 Houston, and instructed digital media classes at a few college campuses. 

HTV is located at City Hall in Houston. The channel is dedicated to showcasing Houston from every aspect possible, be it through history, government, or culture. City council meetings air on the channel, and Mayor Sylvester Turner even has a chance to shine when he enters the studio. The studio has received multiple awards over the years and aims to win an Emmy soon. In 2017, Rhys Griffin from Spectrum Fusion’s media team had an internship at HTV (Houston Television) and learned a lot about studio production and how a media team works together to make content happen for television. He was ecstatic to be back at his old internship building and to see if it was just as amazing as it was when he interned (of course it was).

The media team also discussed filming techniques with Ted Irving and how they could be applied through different media projects. Ted Irving gave advice and pointers on how the media team could level up and improve their filming techniques. But the biggest outcome from this tour was talk of collaboration between HTV and Spectrum Fusion Studios. There are potential opportunities to work with HTV coming in the future, as Ted Irving has requested a sizzle reel from Spectrum Fusion Studios. The future for Spectrum Fusion has become more exciting as more opportunities for the media team are presented, and we are grateful to Ted Irving and the staff of HTV for letting us tour the studio, for discussing filming techniques and styles with us, and the chance to work together in the future.

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