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Adam Farris

Adam Farris is an inspirational speaker and founder of Younique Abilities. Adam works hard to advocate for individuals of all backgrounds. Adam Farris tries harder than most to support and be kind to everyone he meets. Adam Farris believes that You Can Do Whatever You Put Your Mind To, You Just Have To Believe In Yourself And Reach Your Maximum Potential and shoot for the stars. Adam has a form of Autism and Tourette syndrome, but that has not stopped him from overcoming the impossible, to imagine the possibilities every day.

Adam currently manages four websites, four Facebook pages, three Twitter accounts, and three Instagram accounts. Adam is highly skilled in website development & management, SEO integration, social media management and much more. Adam is on the Board of Directors for I’m Bully Free, a non profit organization that is Dedicated To Reducing Bullying.

Introductory Video

Gallery to Adam’s Work


Younique Abilities
Adam’s Website Design
I Can Make You The Perfect Logo Or Image, and More

Websites Managed by Adam

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