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Griffen Harbolt is currently a sophomore enrolled at Lone Star University Park, pursuing a bachelor’s and master’s degree in coaching. Specifically, he is working towards becoming a collegiate and pro head football coach. Griff has also been involved in football since 6th grade, and he first participated in flag football, playing quarterback, wide receiver, and defensive back, from 6th grade to 8th grade. In 7th and 8th grade, he was also involved in tackle football, playing wide receiver. He continued playing football throughout high school at Cy-Fair, from his freshman year to the end of his junior year, playing quarterback. However, he volunteered to film games for the football team throughout high school. While he has not been involved with a football team since 2015, that has only fueled the fire to get back to football, to be involved with a team, and becoming a head football coach.

As mentioned before, Griff volunteered for the Cy-Fair High School football team all four years, filming both junior varsity and varsity games. He’s also spent three straight summers (2016-2018) working for Lutherhill Ministries as a camp counselor, both being a role model for kids, and assisting travel teams. As he continues to work towards receiving his bachelor’s and master’s degree in coaching, he also works part-time; being a member of Celebration Lutheran Church in Cypress, TX; He also breaks down film and creates offensive and defensive plays. Griff also works and hosts his own podcast, “Griff Talks Football”, in which he gives opinions on the performance of NFL players and coaches; predictions about the season; reviewing games; and breaking down both offensive and defensive schemes; whether its zone run, power run, Air-raid, West Coast, he breaks down the advantages and disadvantages of each system. While he has not yet coached, or volunteered to coach, during his time in high school, he helped coaches by filming both junior varsity and varsity football games, and doing so, he learned how to study and breakdown film. Also, during his senior year, he assisted his coaches by bringing out equipment, while also participating and running drills for each position.

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Link to Griffen’s Podcast

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