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Nicholas Giuffre

Nicholas Giuffré completed his associate degree in Global Perspectives in the Spring of 2019 from Schreiner University and has been an athlete his whole life. From a young age, he participated in a variety of sports, including gymnastics, basketball, and track. After completion of his degree, Nicholas wanted to find a way to help others become stronger (both physically and mentally) by encouraging them to stay active.

Currently, he works with a young man named Kyoto Berhane twice a week helping him to develop physically and get in shape. He volunteers with Spectrum Fusion, a not-for-profit organization that helps find opportunities for adults on the autism spectrum. He is hoping to get a degree somewhere around kinesiology. He worked the past 2 summers (2017-2018) at Discover Gymnastics as coach/camp counselor. He currently volunteers in Spectrum Fusion’s weekly exercise & healthy cooking classes, as well as the music group.

He now aspires to become a physical trainer and is seeking volunteer/shadowing opportunities that will allow him to gain knowledge and expertise while helping others in the community reach their full potential. 

Nicholas’ Resume

Introductory Video


Kyoto Berhane explains about his experience with Nicholas at the gym.
Adam Butts’ written testimonial of Nicholas.

Promoting Talents

Nicholas explains how his skills can be used for business.

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