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Philip Thomas

Philip Thomas graduated with a B.A. in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics from the Art Institute of Houston in 2013. He excelled in his projects in film, art, and animation.

Philip began to build his portfolio, and he provided his videography skills to local attorney Bob Bennett. He created promotional videos for the attorney’s practices at law.

At GameDay Films (later sold to VYPE Media), Philip captured the moments for local elementary and high school sports games. In February 2018, Philip was hired as an independent contractor for Spectrum Fusion to create videos of the Reactor Room Program as well as videos that were used for social media.

Most recently, Philip has co-created videos for other nonprofit organizations including Houston Early Music. He is looking for opportunities to work as part of a media team to film and produce stories that businesses need to tell to promote their missions. He’s currently serving as the Chief Editor for Spectrum Fusion Studios.

Philip’s Resume

Introductory Video

Gallery of Philip’s Work


Examples of Videos created by Philip.

The lyric video for the song “Get My Wings”, the official theme song for the Reactor Room. The editing and most of the pictures for this video were provided by Philip.
Spectrum Fusion’s first promo video of ROCO (River Oaks Chamber Orchestra), with the footages and editing provided by Philip.
This is a 15-minute video documentary of the non-profit organization Houston Early Music and its focus on classical music in the Houston Area. The editing for this video was done by Philip and Matthew Curran.
Spectrum Fusion’s commercial of the new app called Symbol-It, designed to translate speech into picture symbols in real time. The editing of this video was done by Philip.
Another lyric video for the song “Live To See 40”. Philip provided the pictures, footages, editing and the cover artwork for this video.
Spectrum Fusion’s commercial of a new toothbrush called Zentflex, designed to apply perfect pressure to prevent aggressive brushing and maintain healthy gums. The editing and much of the footage was provided by Philip.
Spectrum Fusion’s platform video for Caring Crowd, which the editing for it was done by Philip.
A SourceAbled video commercial animated by Philip to promote an associate process development scientist position.
Another SourceAbled video commercial animated by Philip to promote a process development technician position.
Another SourceAbled video commercial starring Philip in promoting a business analyst position.


Rick Giuffre shares his experiences with Philip’s videography skills.

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