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William Purdy

William Purdy graduated with a BA in Psychology from Southwestern University in 2012. Shortly after graduation, he drifted between several states looking for work in several different fields, only to have all his efforts rebuffed. With nobody else offering him work, he took up a job in a comic book store in Houston, but the work was unfulfilling.

Around the same time, though, he joined the LEND Program (Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities), which gave him further education in the disability field, and directed him to Heidi Ham and the newly founded Spectrum Fusion. Since joining Spectrum Fusion and going through the Reactor Room program, William has written articles for several publications and has gained steady work writing for a search engine optimization company called SEO411. He currently serves as the Creative Director for Spectrum Fusion Studios.

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Will’s boss Beth shares her experiences with Will in the Reactor Room.

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William explains how his skills can be used for business.

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