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Educator / Information Technologist

Adam Butts

Adam Butts holds a B.S. in Education from Northeastern State University and his MBA from an online university.

Adam has strong technical skills and Adam holds four certifications: MTA Mobility & Device Fundamentals, MTA Windows Server Administration Fundamentals, LPI Linux Essentials, and CompTIA Server+. He also has some experience with Java and Python.

Adam is highly visual and utilizes interactive templates. As a public-school educator in mathematics, he was nominated by colleagues as “Rookie Teacher of the Year”. He advocated for the use of technology to give individualized attention to students. Many of his students have gone on to college and participated in advance placement mathematics while in college.

Adam also worked in the non-profit industry and as a call center pharmacy technician. While working as a pharmacy technician, he received recognition for integrity, efficiency, and quality. He developed support tools that would increase efficiency, by reducing 30 seconds from their average call time. He also instructed pharmaceutical technicians in preparation for their certification exams.

These experiences have placed Adam at an advantage for a role in continuous improvement. Adam is currently seeking a position utilizing his skills in technology & business.

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Recommendation from William van der Voort (technician at Netsync Network Solutions): "Adam is one of the most active and hardest working employees I have had the pleasure of meeting, being both knowledgeable and dependable. He consistently performs his duties with great drive and focus while still remaining sociable and flexible to changes. I have enjoyed working with Adam immensely and look forward to working with him in the future if the future permits."

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