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Videographer / Voice-Over Artist

Rhys Griffin

Before Spectrum Fusion, Rhys went to college and obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Communications. Even so, there were no job opportunities available for him, and those that he applied for never panned out. Rhys was beginning to lose hope, until he learned that his cousin was interning with Spectrum Fusion. Rhys jumped at the opportunity to connect and soon became part of the Reactor Room.

Rhys was a bit nervous that none of the people he talked to in the Reactor Room would be interested in his skills. But in the end, he made quite a few connections and was able to talk to people about potential voiceover jobs and get advice on how to advance in his dream job of filmmaking. Rhys truly felt that he belonged with Spectrum Fusion and his life began to change for the better. 

Rhys has had a creative mind since he was a child, and thankfully this has not disappeared. He loves telling stories to people, and being both a filmmaker and a voiceover artist at the same time is the best way that he can share his talents. He has made connections with people in the media field, including voiceover recruiters and television news anchors. Rhys is excited to move forward and is looking forward to meeting new people to entertain¬†and work with. He’s currently serving as a content creator for Spectrum Fusion Studios.

Rhys’ Resume

Introductory Video

Gallery of Rhys’ Work


Examples of Videos created by Rhys.

“Legend of the Ghost Train” is an animated short film that was filmed and produced by Rhys using model trains.
“A Knowledge of Trains” is a short documentary film about trains and their enthusiasts that was filmed, edited and narrated by Rhys.
“Engine 982” is a news package written and edited by Rhys Griffin. It was filmed by HTV Houston Television and aired in 2017.
Spectrum Fusion’s first promo video of ROCO (River Oaks Chamber Orchestra), with the art direction provided by Rhys.
Spectrum Fusion’s commercial of the new app called Symbol-It, designed to translate speech into picture symbols in real time. The voiceover was done by Rhys.
Spectrum Fusion’s platform video for Caring Crowd, which Rhys provided the voiceover for.
A delightful tale that teaches children important lesson about perseverance and determination.
Rhys takes a tour of the new office for Spectrum Fusion.
Rhys starring in a Rangam video commercial promoting a communication specialist position.
Rhys explaining of how the Spectrum Fusion Media Team managed to create and produce the commercial for SourceAbled.
Another SourceAbled video commercial edit by Rhys (who also provided the voiceover) promoting a data entry specialist position.


This first voiceover is a 36-second commercial for Acura.

This is a 19-second Acura voiceover using Full Vocal.

This is a 19-second Acura voiceover using Atomic Heart (music bed).



Rhys’s former ASL teacher in high school shares her experiences with him.

Promoting Talents

Rhys explains how his skills can be used for business.

Link to Rhys’ Portfolio

Rhys’ Portfolio Site


Here are the ways that you can donate your time to help Rhys achieve his goals:

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Here are the ways that you can donate your treasure to help Rhys achieve his goals:

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Here are the ways that you can donate your talent to help Rhys achieve his goals:

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